Spartan Kids races are a fun and safe obstacle course experience for children aged 4 to 14.  Spartan offers various distances with progressively harder obstacles for older age groups. While the focus is on fun, your kids are sure to develop grit and mental toughness while running, jumping, climbing, and crawling among age-appropriate obstacles.

Races for older kids increase the challenge, and offer timed heats to introduce them to competition.

These are family events – relatives and friends are welcomed!


All kids finishers receive Spartan Kids swag they can proudly show their family and friends. Kids 10 to 14 years old compete to earn special medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place + merchandise vouchers.

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*Check your individual race day guide for exact details for your event.
“I never lose. I either win or I learn. When I fail an obstacle, I get up and try again, and get smarter, stronger and faster. I will never stop trying."
Conner S., age 12, California

"I keep my family active by doing Spartan races together! We run as a team and our backyard OCR course is coming soon. My son is still too small for our long family hikes, but he loves Spartan Kids races and we both go home with medals."
- Michael, Florida

“Spartan is more than an event, it’s a mindset. It teaches children to look at challenges from a different perspective. My daughter chooses to see the bright side of things, to ask for help instead of just saying she can’t do it, and to help others; her involvement with Spartan contributed to that.”
- Melanie, Texas

Kids ages 4- to 14 can take part without specific training. Kids simply need a desire to run, be outdoors and have fun. They don’t need to be fearless or fit; both those qualities develop as they participate. Our races are inclusive to children of all abilities and mindsets, and at the end of the day, they all get to call themselves Spartans.


Comfortable clothes suitable for exercise and sturdy footwear is all that’s needed - just be aware that your kid’s gear will get wet and muddy. Pack a hat and sunscreen if it’s hot, extra layers if it’s cold, a change of clothes and a towel for afterwards regardless of conditions. After-race food and drink are available at the festival.

Official Charity Partner
Aroo, o.z., non profit organization based in Slovakia, with long standing experience in providing flexible and tailor made support for sport events, volunteering and physical activity awareness. Using existing capacities and personal, Aroo, o.z. is well positioned to deliver humanitarian aid and direct support to conflict areas. Along with local partners Aroo, o.z. delivers special equipment including tactical aid, medical devices and other material to the conflict zones.


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