Racer Martina Pohořalá about the Trifecta World Championship in Sparta 2022

We also interviewed the incredible Martina Pohořala about her impressions of the championship. She managed to win all three races in Sparta in her age group category. All honor! Enjoy reading.

What distance suits you best at Spartan races and why?

This is quite a difficult question. This season I liked the short tracks - sprints the most, unlike in 2021. But this is due to the preparation for B7 (Beskyd's 7 - popular Czech run) . It was running slowly and for a long time. I was able to maintain a fast pace only for a shorter distance. Otherwise, in general, I like Beasts the most. Mainly hard ground, I don't need wet terrain at all.

Did you have to change your training in any way because of TW in Sparta to be properly prepared?

We changed the training. The runs were in three-day blocks, interspersed with strength training. Strength training always revolved around squats and carrying - kettlebells, discs, dumbbells - like an ant.

Did you know your competitors in the age group and knew what to expect from them, or was it a surprise how they ran?

In my age category, I only knew Renata Bíró from Hungary - she is excellent, very strong in the hills, we had a lot of competition this year, for example she beat me by a boiler in Cheile Gradistei. Then an excellent Polish competitor. I didn't know them otherwise. I was afraid of American women, Italian women, Mexican women... You don't meet that often. Above all, it was an honor to stand next to them at the start.

3 times gold? Wow! Did you expect such a great placing in the races and the overall gold in the sum?

Well, I have a definite answer to that. NO. I left with not very good feelings, before Sparta the coach sent me on two smooth runs of 5 and 10 km - I wasn't as fast as I would have imagined. And also the week before the start, my knee hurt a bit, so I had to miss the last weekend of preparation. My dream was to finish, if it ended up in 5th place, I would be satisfied. I absolutely did not feel up to anything else. After Friday's Sprint, I didn't understand how it could happen, the track suited me extremely well - a lot of running passages and obstacles, including the javelin for zero. Although my knee hurt a lot, my head was excited that I could make my dream come true in pure theory. When Super was also successful, I almost didn't walk anymore, but I turned my head off and forgot about the pain and just prayed to Beast that my knee would at least last until the finish line. I admit, I was exhausted, incredibly sore, but also incredibly happy and grateful. Running 26 km with a torn meniscus is no fun at all.

How long have you been running Spartans and do you have any other goals you want to achieve?

I ran the first SR in winter in Vratislavice. Then the absolutely brutal Kutná Hora. I said - never again. Me and then came the first CEU series, the second mountain CEU... This year DACH and CEU and it's already going like that. I ran the first Beast at the ME in Italy. I looked at the obstacles, the terrible distance and the mountains, and I fell in love with the mountain SR - and I still have that. What else ? Health permitting, I would like Ultra. But we have to wait and see how the knee repair and subsequent rehabilitation progresses. Unfortunately, I am not the youngest, we carefully choose the composition of races and training sessions.

And finally, such a classic... What would you say to others to motivate them to exercise and do sports?

What would I say to others... It's never too late, never tell yourself it's impossible, it's always all about setting your mind and if you want something, go for it. Have humility, respect not only for others standing next to you at the start or starting in a different category, but also for the track, for all the happenings around, for your neighbors, because you need them to fulfill your dreams. Have respect for your body, listen to what others advise you and what they can help you with. And on the track - fight honestly so that you can look at yourself in the mirror the next day and say - I did everything for that dream... Give thanks and start a new day.

Once again, big congratulations to Marti, good luck for the next season and, above all, good health!

Klára Viršíková Spartan Ambassador Czech Rep.

Trifecta World Championship

Klára Viršíková - Spartan Ambassador Czech rep.

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