Czech elite competitor Klára Lokajíčková for TWC in Sparta 2022

Besides the boys, the Czech girls also shone in the Greek Sparta! Among them is definitely Klárka Lokajíčková, the Czech representative who placed a beautiful fifth place in Elite women. The trifecta weekend went beyond her expectations and we have a short interview with her for you. Pleasant reading.

The season must have been long for you too. How many races did you manage this year and how did you do? You placed bronze in the CEU series and you didn't even run all the races, did you do so well outside of CEU?

It was definitely long, but in the middle of the season I struggled with an injury, so I actually had an involuntary break there. Even so, I managed to catch a lot of races this year. I mainly ran Spartan Race, but also Gladiator and Predator Race. There were about 15 races. Yes, I also succeeded in the SR race in Malta, where I won the women's elite. I also looked at Wales and then of course the EC and WC in the TW Spartan Race.

In addition to racing, school also kept you busy, right? You have completed your bachelor's degree, are you continuing somewhere else?

Yes, this year I completed my Bachelor's degree at the University of Ostrava. I am now on the follow-up MGr. In Pilsen.

And now to TWC in Sparta. Did you go to Sparta with a good feeling? Were you as prepared as you wanted to be?

I was definitely looking forward to this race. Finally, the TWC in Sparta was not canceled and I could try this type of race. I was mentally prepared, I didn't feel very well running, because I had a problem with my hamstring since the summer and I couldn't run fast trainings.

Did you expect such a beautiful location?

Actually, not at all! Of course, I wanted to place myself as best as possible. But after seeing the elite women's grid, I thought around 10th place would be great.

What was your best and worst race in Sparta?

The Sprint was the worst - the girls really messed it up and I couldn't get up to speed + 30 burpees on the javelin didn't help either. But even so, I was very satisfied with the 11th place. The longest and final Beast race was my best run. Although it was raining, it suited me. I felt good running, but also on the obstacles, where I made only 2 mistakes (slackline and multirig).

And what did you think about the terrain and the various combinations of obstacles (for example, carrying a log-chain-log for a long time), did you like what they prepared for you in Sparta?

I didn't like the terrain until Sunday at Beast when they pulled us into the mountains. The burdens for me were very demanding, long and there were a lot of them. The combination of obstacles was fine, but especially the Multirig with the Beast was BRUTAL.

Did you manage to enjoy any sights in Greece during or after the races?

As soon as we arrived in Athens, we went to see the Acropolis. And one day to the sea. Otherwise, rather rest. It was enough.

And finally... Do you still have some racing ahead of you this year, or just rest. And what is your goal for the next season?

I'm done for this year. So now I have a rest and then it's time to prepare for the next season. My goal is definitely to keep moving forward and improving.

Once again, we send our big congratulations and wish you a pleasant rest and lots of energy for the next season, which will hopefully be completely injury-free! Thank you for representing the women at the Trifecta Weekend World Championship Sparta.

Klára Viršíková Spartan Ambassador Czech Rep.

Trifecta World Championship

Klára Viršíková - Spartan Ambassador Czech rep.

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